The beauty of the patient process at ThriVe is how simply asking questions compassionately provides the framework for a client to think about her situation in a new way. An unplanned pregnancy can be so emotionally difficult that a young woman or couple can find it hard to even know what things to consider. This was true for our client Nicole.

When Nicole contacted ThriVe, she expressed an intention to abort her baby but wanted information.  Unprepared and scared at the thought of having a child, Nicole felt abortion was her best choice.  She communicated this desire to her advocate at her initial appointment but willingly went through the process of learning all of the resources and options available to her.  After her initial appointment, Nicole scheduled an ultrasound for the following week.  When she arrived for her ultrasound, Nicole expressed that she was no longer as certain that she would choose abortion.

The week between her first appointment and the ultrasound had given her time to process the information she had received in the context of her unique situation.  During that appointment, Nicole’s ultrasound revealed that her baby was 6-weeks along in development and had a strong, healthy heartbeat.  Moved by what she saw and made confident by a deeper understanding of her options, Nicole made the courageous decision to carry her child to term.

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